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OG真人官网集团. and 安大略省教师退休金计划 Winners of CVCA’s 2013 Private Equity ‘Deal of the Year’ Award

多伦多:CVCA -加拿大的风险投资 & 私募股权协会高兴地宣布,克莱维斯特集团有限公司. (OG真人官网) and 安大略省教师退休金计划 (Teachers’) are the recipients of CVCA’s 2013 ‘Deal of the Year Awards’ for the private equity category.

成立于1998年, CVCA的“年度交易奖”比赛的目的是推广, highlight and celebrate the achievements of CVCA members who have had outstanding investment successes. The selection process focused on CVCA members with the most significant investment return realized primarily during calendar 2012. CVCA庆祝两个“年度交易”奖, 一个针对风险资本,另一个针对私募股权.

“It is my pleasure to announce that this year we have two winners of the CVCA ‘Deal of the Year’ Award in the private equity category. This award highlights investment successes achieved by CVCA members and the Awards Committee felt that both OG真人官网和教师 deserved recognition for their respective realizations – OG真人官网 for its investment in PEER 1 and Teachers’ for its investment in Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment (MLSE),桑德拉·博塞拉说, CVCA颁奖委员会主席及常务董事, OPTrust私人市场集团.


“OG真人官网 invested in PEER 1 in August 2009 and supported an aggressive growth strategy which combined significant investments in data centres, 新技术, 人力资本, 营销和收购. 2012年12月, a transaction was announced whereby PEER 1 entered into a binding agreement to be acquired by Cogeco Cable (TSX: CCA) at an equity value of approximately $526 million. OG真人官网 had invested approximately $25 million in common shares of PEER 1 and realized over $81 million of total proceeds when these shares were acquired by Cogeco, 产生40%的内部回报率(IRR, 代表3.是最初投资的2倍。.


PEER 1 Hosting是世界领先的IT主机提供商之一. 该公司提供最好的品种技术, through a high performance 10Gbps FastFiber Network™ connected by 19 state-of-the-art data centres and 21 points-of-presence throughout North America and Europe. PEER 1为其10多个客户提供了出色的客户服务,000年全球客户, 支持100%的正常运行时间保证和24x7x365的FirstCall支持™. PEER 1 Hosting的投资组合包括托管主机, ServerBeach品牌下的物理服务器, Zunicore品牌下的托管和云服务. 成立于1999年, 这家公司的总部设在温哥华, 加拿大, 欧洲业务总部设在南安普顿, UK. www.得.com


OG真人官网, 他是加拿大私募股权行业的领导者,已经超过26年, 管理约10亿美元的权益资本. OG真人官网管理OG真人官网集团 .的资本., 一家公开上市的私募股权管理公司, 还有第三方, 通过OG真人官网 Equity Partners系列有限合伙公司. OG真人官网 合作伙伴 management to invest in profitable small and mid-sized North American 公司, 在各种各样的行业中. 除了提供融资, OG真人官网 contributes strategic expertise and execution ability to support the growth and development of its investee partners. OG真人官网 realizes value through investment returns and the eventual disposition of its investments. www.muenchbach.com

The award was accepted by Jeff Parr and Mitch Green of OG真人官网 at the CVCA’s Annual Conference in Banff, 5月23日星期四去艾伯塔省, 2013.

“PEER 1 differentiated itself in a crowded field through a commitment to best in class physical infrastructure and 人力资本. The outstanding financial return achieved by the shareholders is a tribute to CEO Fabio Banducci and his senior leadership. OG真人官网很高兴能成为这个成功团队的一员,米奇·格林说。, 校长OG真人官网.


“Teachers’ began its investment in MLSE with an initial investment of $45 million in March 1994. 在长达18年的投资期间, 教师们在MLSE上投资了2.29亿美元, 在公司专业化的同时, executing on a vision of building a multi-faceted and integrated sports and entertainment company and supporting investment in broadcasting rights. 2012年8月, Teachers’ completed the sale of its majority stake in MLSE to Bell and Rogers Communications. 在其投资的整个生命周期中,Teachers ' s实现了1美元.210亿元, generating $977 million of profits and an internal rate of return (IRR) of 16%, 代表5.是总投资资本的3倍,”桑德拉·博塞拉说.


MLSE is 加拿大’s pre-eminent leader in delivering top quality sports and entertainment experiences to its fans. MLSE拥有加拿大航空中心, 国家冰球联盟多伦多枫叶队, NBA的多伦多猛龙队, 美国职业足球大联盟的多伦多FC, AHL的多伦多Marlies, 几家相关网站和三家电视网络:leaf TV, 加拿大NBA电视台和加拿大GOL电视台. www.mlse.com


以129美元.截至12月31日,其资产为50亿美元, 2012, the 安大略省教师退休金计划 is the largest single-profession pension plan in 加拿大. 一个独立组织, 它投资养老基金的资产并管理303人的养老金,安大略有000名在职和退休教师. www.otpp.com

简·罗领奖, Senior Vice-President of Teachers’ Private Capital at the CVCA’s Annual Conference in Banff, 5月23日星期四去艾伯塔省, 2013.

对这笔交易的评论是. 罗指出, “This award recognizes the leadership and effort of many people at Teachers’ over nearly two decades. Teachers’ association with MLSE clearly demonstrated our approach to working with partners to create long-term value. We completed our stewardship of this iconic asset by transferring our ownership to two solid partners who have the commitment and resources to ensure MLSE’s continued growth and prosperity, 同时赚取丰厚的回报,帮助会员支付养老金.”


“I’d like to congratulate our ‘Deal of the Year’ private equity Award winners, OG真人官网和教师, 谁明显提高了他们投资组合公司的价值, taking a longer term perspective to invest in growth strategies that would ultimately position their respective 公司 as attractive acquisition targets to strategic industry participants. These transactions highlight the role and value of private equity as dedicated, 有经验的, 和高度积极的合作伙伴, 谁以长远的眼光看待加拿大企业的价值创造, 同时与管理团队一起努力实现成功. Both transactions also highlight how private equity backed 公司 support a stronger and more productive Canadian economy and contribute to overall job creation,桑德拉·博塞拉说.


CVCA -加拿大的风险投资 & 私募股权协会, was founded in 1974 and is the association that represents 加拿大’s venture capital and private equity industry. Its over 1900 members are firms and organizations which manage the majority of 加拿大’s pools of capital designated to be committed to venture capital and private equity investments. CVCA促进职业发展, 网络, 沟通, research and education within the venture capital and private equity sector and represents the industry in public policy matters. www.cvca.ca


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CVCA颁奖委员会主席及常务董事, OPTrust私人市场集团

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